giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Best way for hiring is: Kann er was???

When the Hitler's Nazi hiered somebody (I think it was Goering) they didn't gave a crap on the dude's credentials, diplomas or imbecility, the only question they asked was: Kann er was?

What can he do?

Credentials or not the output was the only important thing, that's why they took over the world at the time.

People were hired to do what they knew, credentials or not.

I saw thousands of imbeciles with diplomas ruining companies with their imbecile decisions, and not only, they also managed to be trusted and hold key positions, thus they were also fiering those that could save the company fearing for their own position, if the owner finds out they are imbeciles and the others are smart, gues what???

I blame this on the business owners, they trusted the papers of those well schooled and highly recommended imbeciles and gave them controll.

But... Kann er was???

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