domenica 12 giugno 2011

Dear God, teach me the patience, and do it NOW!

Nowdays dudes and folks and pals and lads and chaps must learn how to pray for patience from God as a daily habit, the prayer goes this way:

Dear God, teach me the patience, and do it NOW!
I have a Microwave, but I only heat sometimes some cakes not to eat them cold.. I could try that with the icecream too... in reality I love cocking on wood stove or on the grill, much tastier, not to mention cooking itself that relaxes me and give me a chance to mix all that pases through my head, at my own risk...
I have a cell phone, always on, almost never ringing, for real comunications I use Skype, Ekiga or Linphone.
I have social media membership, twitter, facebook, ecademy, linkedin, viadeo, xing, and 5 e-mail addresses, but I only use them to boast my blog:, 3 times a day, several minutes each time.

Now what would I do for the rest of time???

Use my 3 computers to design in 3D Cad Cam the construction plans of my airplanes, helicopters, and put them on sale online, or..
walk my dog
hang around with my son
Visit friends
coock or grill,
helping somebody in need, not necesrelly somebody I know.

And that's another thing nowdays society is kindo'ff bannig, helping the needy, seems to be associated with terrorism!

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