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All we need is a good old dictatorship, my way!

World wide riots generated by worldwide governemnts corruption, oppression of their populations, lies, robing their money, their gain, their pensions, their childrens future!

How can we stop that?

Dictators managed for a while to keep all good and doing what they wer told by fear, fear of death, fer of tomorrow, fear of torture, fear of loosing thier social status, fear of starving, fear of a war with the enemy!

Than the people got used with the fear and feared it not anymore.

So the various dictators had to agree on a new strategy of fear; Terrorism.

And they invented themselves terrorist, they trained them, armed them, gave them targets and sent them out to murder.

It worked, but not as they dreamed, so the governments decided to raise the stake a bit, make it genocyde, thus Putin told his terrorists to play the Cecens and blow the Balsoi theater in Moskow, Bush told his freind Alquaeda leader Osama Bnin Laden to blow up the twin towers.

Putin failed, his terrorists were blocked, thus he sent in the leahter heads to kill the terrorists so none of them would wickileack something. A massacre.

Bush was smarter, he sent his people months in advance at the terrorist target to place demolition explosives all over the place, so that even if the planes would of never hit those buildings, they would'off came down anyway, naturally because of terrorists. Actually one plane missed the target, building 7, and hit the twin towers for a second time, but building 7 came down anyway....

Putin did it again, this time at the Subway metropolitan station, and killed a bunch of his taxpayers, and now the russians stay still or Putin will send again some terrorists to blow them.

The british did the same strategy, and used the fooled british lads anger to convince them give up many of their civil libertyes, and just as in the case of the Patriot Act in US it worked fine, the nation got screwed big time by it's own bankers and politicians.

Spain did it too, it worked just fine, and Indonesia, and many other countries, and it seemd that nobody would ever question those bullies way of doing things.

Well... we learned from them, and now it's out turn to make our move!

We need to take over ourseves and rule our world without them. How?

Egypt, Tunisia, even Romania 20 years ago showed the path, but nobody followed, and it all ended back in their hands, because WE HAVE THE POWER, and they have all the money and all guns.

If we are happy with showing them we have power than we go to sleep, we are like a rebel horse that ends up pulling the cart again, instead of getting free and live free.

So what do we need to do?

Here is the 5 steps to make things happen:

One: Revolution.
Now waht revolution means?

revolutionem (nom. revolutio) "a revolving," from Latin revolutus, pp. of revolvere "turn, roll back"

Ok, plain words here, we have a byke front wheel, we hold it by the axe, the upper part is up, the lower part is low, by revolution we mean turning the wheel around the axe no matter wat speed, so at a certain point that what was up is now down, and what was down raised up on top. REVOLUTION. A change, ongoing change, as long as the wheel revolves things go fine, if it stops, you fall from the byke!

Back to our bomb, as long as the politicians are on top, we are out of balance, we need to take them down and put others up, Revolution!

But they don't want it, so they give laws to keep themselves on top, than we MUST REBEL AND ROVLVE THE SISTEM again, and again, and again, REVOLUTION!

Continous revolution.

Now once we dropped them in the mud and flushed the water what???

Second step:

New Constitution needed
, where there are mentioned several things that are essential:

1 No politician can be elected for more than one mandate of 4 or 5 years, no matter if in the cityhall or any level above. Politics is not a preofession but a rapresentation, nobody can hold pension rights or seniority for that.

2 There is parliamentary imunity ONLY for what they say or vote in parliament, and for nothing else, not even for how they act in the name of their position.

3 The constitution is not amendable by any means, the only changes that can be brought are by POPULAR REFERENDUM. Proposals for the modifications of the constitution are not inconstitutional, since they atempt to obtain the modifications by a popular referendum.

4 Any proposal of law that is unconstitutional cannot be forwarded, and the promotors of that law must be prosecuted for anticonstitutional behaviour, and should they be part of a political party or in political elected positions they must be releasd from their position and the penalty must be doubled.

5 No person can hold two political offices in the same time, and no person can hold a plitical position and another paid job in the same time.

6 If the private intereses of a person are in conflict with political positions they cannot candidate themselves, and if already previously elected, they lose their politically elected position on the spot.Attempt to candidate to a political or administrative position that one is incompatibel with is considered legal offence and punished with jail.

7 No person or business established in this country can open businesses abroad and pay smaller salaries to the employes abroad, all the employes of a company no matter what other country work in, or what nationality they have, they are must have the same salaries and benfits indiferent of the laws in the other country.

8 No business can have the monopol of the market. Holding more than 5% of a market is monopolising it. The only ones that can have the monopol of the market are the inventors themselves fort the period of their patent covering, but they cannot sell exclusive rights or license exclusively to nobody. They must sell their inventions rights to as manny busines as there are interested to buy it. The market is considered to be the province, thus no more than 5% of a province can be served by a single supplier

9 The state and local administration ca run no business, can hold shares in no business, can controll no business, not even the local utilityes, hospitals, schools or transportations, and they must make sure there is competiton on the market permanently. The state can only hold infrastructures such as roads and railways or similar.

10 No artificial food or genetically modifyed food is allowed on the markets, and it is forbidden to breed and cultivate artificial food and genetically modifyed food, import it, export it, process it or trade it..

11 Citysens can and must arrest the wrongdoers by the Citysens Arrest rights in the constitution. The arrested person (guilty or not) shall not oppose and must folow the arrestor to the nearest police station where the arrested must be hold for 24 hours with the arrestor until a judge hears them.
Who resists the Citysens arest will be punished double of the penalty for the reason it was arrested.
Citysens arrest applies equaly to hosoever is on theritoty of the country, citysens, non citysens, including but not limited to the police forces, military, political persons and the president and the ministers themselves, anybody that can prove their case can arrsest them and consign them to justice.
The abusors of this Citysens arrest method, that do it for fun or any otehr reason and cannot prove a case to the judge, shall be punished with double of the penalty they wanted to inflict the arestee, plus 1 year of civil rights suspension when that punisment is over.
Once the judge heard the case they can procede with sending in court the guilty party to be legally processed.

12 Any private citysen can film and registrate their telephonic conversations, their privare conversations and their any interviews or interogations by the law enforcement employees or anybody else just in case they need evidence of illegal behaviour to take their case to court.

13 There is noo need for any kind of license to start a business in any domain on it's own unlimited responsability, be it medical, legal, engineering, services, production or anyting else. Free competiton is allowed on public soil and for each on their own private proprety.
For running a business in a limited liability form there are more restrictive requirements, and the administrators have however unlimited responsability for the consequences of their actions.

14 There is no profit tax, just an income tax worht 3% of the invoice or transaction/salary. No other tax is allowed, no property tax, no Add Value Tax or anything else.
The tax money go to the cityhall of residence of the business or of the person.
The cityhall retains 50% for it's own use and delievers 50% to the immediate superior teritorial system (say: province), that retains 50% of it's share and forwards the rest to the immediate superior teritorial system (say: region or state) that retains 50% of the cash enterd and forwards the rest to the central government, that uses it for central government administration, army etc.
Should there be more intermediaries levels in between the cityhall tax colection and the central government same procedure will be applied to each level.
Money belong to who preoduced them, and must stay where they were produced.

15 The salary level in the public administration and politics can only be decided by popular referendum. Same for the expenses of each office and the number of employees authorised to serve such office.

16 The workday is of 6 hours for a regular pay, be it in public or private sector. All other hours are to be paid double. Maximum of working hours allowed is 9 in 24 hours. People must have time to create, share and stay with family and friends every day.
The working week is monday through Friday, or it's equivalent for those that are in a business that occupies their weekend; 6 days a week for 6 hours a day. Every day each person must have 18 hours of rest and parivate intereses at disposition.
And every end of a week of work a person must have 48 hours plus the 18 of the last day of work as weekly rest time.
If for the working days they can choose to work for a pay another 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the end of the working week the 48 hours of rest are mandatory. The time at home while at disposition "on call by the job" is not to be considered time of rest, and must be paid 30% of the perceived wedge for every hour while the person is "hold to return to work on call".

17 Only the government can issue money, no private system (bank) can issue money. Private systems can only issue proof checks that are based on existing deposits. Trade can be hold in any private form against any private exchange means including government money, but not limited too, people might choose to trade against deposits of Kw of energy they might have produced or obtained against another comercial exchange, for example.

And many other articles that alow the citysens to CONTROLL in a transparent manner the operation of their elected leaders.

Third step:

Elections, local, central, all of it, and make sure that indipendent candidates are not shaded by some dirty tricks, by banks paid party members to drop them off and have in election line only bank or other private business corrupted people.

Fouth step: Controll ANYTING they say and do once you elected them, and should you find them doing something illegal, or refusing to deliever you the informations required, arrest them with your CITYSENS ARREST rights and throw them in jail. There must be NO SECRETS in government, they are payd by you, you own their ass, and they must report to you on demand.

Fifth thing to do: Change them as you cange your socks, even twice a day if necesarily, if you see some working well, let them work and finish their mandate, and if they don't work as supposed, out with them on the spot, you pay them, they must fear you.

This is DICTATORSHIP of the business owners (the people) upon their employees (administration), you must be harsh on them, controll them constantly, and jail them as soon as they do something wrong, no mercy, they wanted the job and the money, they must know with the job comes controll and responsabilityes. This is worht for miltary and police too, includinng the secret services and customs, no exception.

Private business can have secrets as long as their activityes do not contravein the law or the constitution, comercial secrets, research and development secrets, they are a private business.

Pubblic affairs must be as transprent as thin air, you are the shareholders, they are the employees.

This is what I understand by a good dictatorship, and this is the new system that wee need
, to replace capitalism, comunism, fascism, socialism, nazism, monarchy and any other form of repression and controll, no matter under what mask they hide.

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