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mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

Humans are really weird!

Why things seem to work in a certain manner and nobody can explain you why and how, but they work.

Why does the reality ignore the laws of phisics as we studied them and does things the way it wants despite our opposition?

Maybe it has to do with esoteric and God and the fact that we haven't fully understood yet his laws and the way they work, but as soon as someone understands one of the laws claims is his, so we have Newton's law, but Newton dodint promulgated it, he is not the law maker, just a lawyer that understood it and explained it to us.

How many other laws are out there that we still consider them miracles???

Rmember once upon the time they were burning alive those that knew phisics and chemics as devilish people, today we clasify those that understand things we don't and consider them utopic, as mere dreamers, uncoprehended "genius" and as idiots anyway.

We made progress as society, we don't burn them anymore, we just mock them!

And the day they prove us wrong and they are right we worship them and name the new discovery after their name...

Humans are really weird!

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