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sabato 6 agosto 2011

What can I say, that's the American dream, sort of. that's why they call it a dream first place, 'cause you can only belive it if you are asleep all time... Geroge Carlin

25 years old and too young to marry....

Too young to die

Too old not to be arrested in case of law offense...

This is why the teenagers kill their parents and keep them in the freezer to get their pensions.

They marry too late, by the age of being grandparents they have little kids, have no experience with that and let the TV and PlayStation grow and educate them.

The result you can see it on streets:


Money and career is more important than next generation and family:

Way to live....

I have fallen in that trap too

Now I am wiser and I say I was dumb

Well, I am not very wise then...

You will think this more and more often as times fly by...

And you will be right!

Allowing money and career to ruin family and being a human has hard to imagine consequences:

Bitter old folks that don't talk to their married kids for decades, don't see the grandchildren for years, live in a motor-home in Florida where they retired for pension time since they can't afford the house they bought with all the pile of money they made and wasted while in strength.

Way to go!

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