domenica 30 ottobre 2011

Follow the flock and you shall end up in the slaughtery, as future meat!

Follow your freedom and you might live dangerous times, but at least you enjoy living them for a long time.

If the flock wants computer flown airplanes because it's "modern"...

If the flock drinks Coca Cola and Pepsi and Red Bull and other similar energetic drinks, coffe and alcohol included because they all do it and it's cool, but not doing it means getting you out of the society,

If the flock goes to war against terrorism because they have being told so and it's confortable to listen to what they tell us instead of using your head to decide what is right and what is wrong,

If the flock accepts internet limitations, freedom limitations, libertyes limitations, movement limitations, taxes limitations on tyheir pocket...

To me this does not mean the flock is right, it only means there is manny out there being totaly wrong, or too lazy to seek for the right path and use their brain, that's all, and when the system they enjoy their "peace of mind to be in" will slaughter them to survive, I will not be able to help them, but at least I help myself not to be in the slaughtered flock since now...

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