giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Do you see any way out of this monetary crisys? Nope?

There are fixes, but those fixes are unlikely to be regarded by bankers or governemnts, since they make huge profits out of the game "get you in debt to make me rich, by buying from me, than you pay the debt the way you can, if you can't you are my man and dance the way I sing"

Debt is a powerful weapon hold aganist the stupids that took credit without having the means to pay back, and controlling governments actions by debt leverage is an old and sturdy system.

It didn't worked out too well for bankers in Iceland thou.... :) I love the Iceland people for that, I raise my hat!

Staying within the system and changing the rules to lower the burden below the "Plus Value rate of production" is a good leverage, but they will never give up controll of countryes to save them, better die together with the parasyted host rather than allow the host some breathing room!

The other way is to get OUT of the DEBT system at all, and TRASH MONEY SYSTEM.

Of course this will produce a huge monetary loss to banks and some superwealthy folks that controll the world through money and decided that right now we must have a crisys so we lower a bit our standards and give up some libertyes in their favour, but who cares since money will no longer exist!

What can we trade for?
Something tangible, like ENERGY stocks, I pay you from Italy in China 5 MegaWatts of (something, like electricity or petrol or other goods/values that I hold Power Cetificates for) againts one container of widgets, and I pay the shipper half a MegaWatt to bring it to my harbour.

No currencyes involved, and this way the banks will simply DIE!

You might say this is UTOPIA and will never work, WRONG!

I do it, and it was done since ever, BARTER, only that I do not exchange sheep for apples and have to find the apples guy that want my flock, I exchange Sheep worth of MW of Power against apples worth of MW of Power Certificates, than the guy might decide to take over the sheep flock, or to trade the MW Power "CHECK" with one for the property of a car, with the car dealer, that might use the flock or sell it for electricity, without even seing the flock.

I sold a truck load of computers and installed them in an intranet for a power producing company, and I required to be paid at the agreed price, but not with money, with electricity at their invoicing price (half market price) basically doubling my money without having any cash changing hands, than I payd a car manufacturer for a few cars at Ex Work prices in electricity, quadrupeling my money in 2 weeks, without having any cash changing hands., the result was that for the worth of ONE damn good car worth in computers I installed I had 4 damn good cars in ownership, I sold 3 and kept one!

This was my first time, 20 years ago, now I got even sneackyer... lol

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