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venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

Third World War , Einstein said he has no idea with what weapons will be fought, but the fourth wil be fought with sticks and stones!

First Afganistan on grounds of a "Holywood made" fake attact on 9/11, dealth between the Bush family group of interesses and the Bin Laden family group of interesses, where Bush made available professional trainers, explosives and techincall crews, plus 7000 people to be murdered, and Bin Ladens made available one of them as the escape goat, plus sveral idiots as actors to die in the crush, and lately seveal thousands of innocent arabs to be killed by americans just to keep us believing ti's all real.

Than Iraq on grounds of faked proves on chemical and nuke threat on the world, although everybody knew it's all lies, although even the damn Mubarak told the americans not to do it, but they had to; they want to rule on us so they must start somewhere, why not in the dessert countries, they are muslims anyway, so who cares what the US soldiers do to them?!

Now US is getting ready to invade Egypt on grounds of.... no problem, they don't need anymore grounds, like Hitler didn't needed afer invading Poland and attaching Austria, he just felt he could attac the world and did it!

We paid the price!

This might be the beginin of the THIRD WORLD WAR; humans against governments!

Einstein had no idea with what weapons would it be fought, but I have a pretty clear idea who will be the main enemies.

People against governments coalition.

Dangerous times, we have all the resources, they have all the guns.


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