lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

Chaos and greed, good or bad things?

Chaos is best if well organised!

As this sentence has an impossibilty, lt must be a joke!

That was but mere chaos, organised chaos is when Mossad and CIA and their peers step in to creat it for their proffit!

Chaos is like greed, up to a certain level it works as lubricator of the situation preventing it from getting jammed (greed is helping the economy move and grow if moderate)

Chaos over a certain degree, wehter is the organised one I mentioned or no organisation behind it, it's a disaster, and it works on the law of "the sneackiests survives" which is not a good idea.

I have seen them all, since I am born in Romania, under Ceausescu, saw and lived personally the "organised Chaos" of Iliescu +KGB +Securitate to fake a revolution to have legal grounds to inherit Ceausescu's trone, and also saw the chaos by mistake later on, and I was lucky enough to live the small organised chaos of emerging economy during Constantinescu Presidency that launched sky rocket the Romanian economy for a few years, than Iliescu came back and all went down the drain and in the maf hands again, till today.

Under Basescu there is organised maf in leadership and administration and the state is stealing from the citysens in an organised manner, no chaos, no place to live.

I am in Italy since 2000 and watch my homecountry situation from abroad, and I don't really like what I see.

Too much greed, too much controll, no chaos allowed to lubricate the economy or the politics, all is set and dictated and imposed by above, no more comunist dictatorship, but banks and fiscal dictatorship.

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