domenica 27 marzo 2011

It is in you moments of undecison when your destiny is wrecked forever! Let that NEVER happen!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" said Anthony Robbins.

Well.. Anthony was darn right,but...

Most of the times we fear to move a finger, we fear to stand for our rights or ideas, we fear to stand for the feeble under attack or being bullyed, all this because we fear to be mocked, diminushed, assaulted and ridiculed, apart that phisical injury we fear to death.

So we pass by, pretend we were not there, we haven't seen, heard, understood.

We watch TV and get dumbed since we don't want to have anything to do with the reality, and when the reality is in front of our eyes, we pretend we still watch TV so we dont have to take action.

And than we vote whatever is put in front of us, without considering that apart that there are many other choices, and one of them is ourselves, but we won't take any chance to expose ourselves to public oprobium, what chances do we have to win the race?

Therefore our lives are a constant indecision
, a constant denial, a constant "sweet doing nothing", thinking nothing, being polite when we feel like cursing, smiling when our tears are flooding our eyes, and turnig around not to see when our soul colapses inside us for not having that moment of wise decision to take action and stand for what is right!

And we pretend we want a better tomorow...

From whom?

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