domenica 15 maggio 2011

I'd have to know what people really meant by "green energy"

BTW, it has ever passed your mind Fukushima might of being a nuke power producing facility not an electric car????

When we talk about green energyes here, it means the way we produce them, not the way we use these energyes, be them electric, biogas or else!

I got involved in a hydroenergetic turbine project to produce electricity out of water streams with no need of environmental destructions such as dams and channels, and also fish friendly, sizes from river to ocean tidal machines, with a good return rate on investment.

Never said that I am holly, and BTW, I am fixed with cars, airplanes and helicopters, I design them, prototype them, modify them, I have a rotary engine patent and already prototyped the first unit, now working on the diesel version drawings, I fight my fights and create future in as much as I can, but future is not only personal transportations, TV or savings, it is also our health, energy, our children.

What would you do of the car of your dreams if you'd knew your future is doomed because of the way you produce your energy? Or the food you choose to eat? OOPS, you already know that....

And as much as the prices for the turbines, you'd be amazed of their affordabillity for the home user, they pay themselves back in 8 to 12 years just by not paying anymore power bills, and are designed to last dozens of years with the due maintanace.

And you don't even need a river by the house, you pump the power to the grid where you have the turbine, and consume it home, the excess you sell to the grid user, that's all!

Meanwhile you "consider" the green ????

Do yourself a favour, take a step forward and make your dreams happen, as I did!

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