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domenica 23 gennaio 2011

"FREEDOM" is just another word for "nothing left to lose"!

O Yeah!

Get me some things I can lose, and my fredom's gone.

Give me a social position that I can lose by doing what I want, than I will do what I want and hide it, and you will hold me by the balls and tell me what to do so you wont "wikileack" me out.... Corruption is power, and it works just fine!

Give me capitals, a fat bank account that I can lose if I talk to much or do the "wrong" choices, and I am all yours to do any stupid thing, so I don't lose my capitals.

Give me a constant revenue that you threaten me to lose if I don't behave as you wish (budgetary employees, state contractors and thier employees) and I shall kill anybody wo jeoperdises my position and income!

Give me the power over those "hold by the balls" that I can loose if I don't hold them tight and controll everything they say or do, and I shal pull so strong I will castrate some every day, just to make sure I dont loose control!

Get me by the balls untill there's nothing left to lose, and when I loose them too, than I am free to do whatever I want, but this is also the end of your power on me!

It is about time to put yourself in your own shoes, think of the above, let go your dry balls in their hands (new ones will grow, healthyer and better) and breack free.

Freedom is risky, obtaing it is a sacrifice, mantaining it means constant rebelling and always watching your back, but to me is worhtwhile!

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