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lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

All are pyramidal schemes, and as such subject to corruption.

All we came with in history untill now is imperialism, democracy, feudalism, capitalism, fascism and comunism with it's little brother called socialism

None of them are perfect, as a mater of fact they all are pyramidal schemes, and as such subject to corruption.

They all need money to mantain control over goods possesion and property transfer, they all use money to tax; the work, trade, inheritance.

They all need you to over work so you don't have time to think, to overwork so you overproduce to mantain the dummies at the top, etc, and all of them are resources destroyers, including human resources, we are expandables for them.

It is time to look for something better, an economy based on resources regeneration, where the best ideas are rewarded and the worse ideas are discharged.

An economy not based on money and taxes, but on energy, ideas, solutions and echology.

Shifting the system it always has being a disaster, like from feudalism to capitalism, it won't be beter now, and I wander what solutions are we going to invent and how are we going to apply them, how will the old system in power resist change, how much blood shade, and how will they try to buy in the leadership of the new system.

How long will it take this change, one generation, two, more?

Time will tell, for now we started, and it won't be easy.

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