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Biplan with the wings in tandem, stable as a truck on a road, cannot enter in a spin on it's own nor induced, but it has limitations on diving angle, better not accentuate too much...

Take off with regular chord angle at 300 Km/h, top speed 700 Kmh;
Take off in ESTOL configuration with maximum thickenss chord on variable geometry wings 40 Km/h in 50 meters, max speed 80 Km/h.

Wings geometry variable in flight.

Once landed the wings fold pneumatically and the whole machine will be as big as a camper but legal size to drive on streets, and the total weigth empty is below 400 Kg thus can be registered as a A1 license vehicle (motorcycle, tryke or light quadricycle) drivable on streets, so you can land out of the city boundaryes, fold your wings and drive in the city to downtown.

At that size finding a parking might be a problem, but for the rest... you go out of your garage, drive to an empty field out of the city, unfold, take off, and no highways needed to go long distances, all you need is fine weather.

Operating conditions:

No bad weather, no storm, no deep mud, no acro, no aerobatics.

ESTOL strips on anything, the wells are huge and can take unprepeared fields, gravel, sand, grass, snow, ice, on deep fresh snow operate like on water with the gears up, on water can land on waves as high as 2 meters if the distance in between the waves is more than twice the lenght of the plane and if there is no stormy wind.
The fan/propeller is protected for most cases of water / sand ingestion on normal weather conditions.

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