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sabato 8 gennaio 2011

Remeber who you are, figure out who you can be, do something to cover the gap!

That's the problem, we wake up in the morning, wash, do breackfast, go to job.

Do whatever they tell us to do, most of times there's not much to do, so we stretch the little job to reach the night, or they could fire us for not doing anything.

We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us, it's all fake

Sometimes there is really something to be done, but the way they want it done is stupid, dangerous or inapropriate, however we do it their way to get our salaries.

We come back home frustrated, with little paddy cash in the pockets, and try to stretch the money to match the bills, and should there be something left for wants and savings good, if not, at least we got ourselves out of desperation for another month.

Out of desperation, but not out of our misery.

Every once in a while we have a dream, than we forget of it, we can't afford it anyway.

Every now and than somebody DARES, and puts extra work into realising a dream, and we sabotate them, if not directly at least indirectly by not offering them a hand, some parts we might have, maybe they are of noo good for their project, but let them decide that, not us!

Yes, we all sabotate each other using a very strong weapon at hand INDIFFERENCE!

And one day I want to do something to cover the gap between me and my dream, and all of you start ignoring me, since you don't have better ways to sabotage me.

And I do all in secret, for should my boss find out I wil get fired on the spot, if I can afford to have a dream than I don't need a job (well... ehmmm... really.... my boss is afraid I could pass the vison and get out of controll, thus better off with me!)

If the government finds out I have a dream than I get taxed heavily, since I can afford to dream, than this might lead to a profit in the future, so I must pay tax on it now, and if it happens to be an unprofitable dream later, well, meanwhile they got their money!

Yes I have a dream, and I am working now night and day to cover the gap, and I fight now everybody's indifference, and I hide now from my bosses and the state, and I wander now; why the heck the whole world is rather incline to ruin the dreamers???

I look back into the history, any single dreamer ( be it inventor, artist, musician, doctor, chemist or else) has being heavily sabotated by society and who gave them a hand was sabotated too, and they had a life in misery, depravation of any support, poverty and emargination.

Than some succeded and the world "discovered" them (menawhile they were no longer amongst us) and rose them a statue, sold their realisations for humonguous ammounts of money and organised symposiums to praise their work!

Waht was it benefit to them?


They made it to the history books, but died in misery before that, some examples:

Ane Marie Curie,
Henri Coanda,
Vincent Van Gog
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
and the list could go ahead for ever, in any domain.

My question is: why on earth are we humans so stupid and evil with ourselves?

And what good are we expecting to have when we repay it so evilish?

I think the answer lies in the words of the one who should be the first name on the list above, Jesus the Christ.

For all the good he made, that was the payment we gave him. Tipical example of our humanitarian love to our neighbour.

I do something to cover the gap between wehere I am and where I want to be, and I try to help out those that I find out about doing the same, in as much as I can.

And if I can't, than at least a good word of encouragement, a contact with someting or someone that could help, I try to procure it to them.

Anybody willing to copy this example of mine?

Don't worry, is a good thing to do, I copied it from Jesus, from the Profets, from the other dreamers that dared.

"Therefore dare, I have conquered the world!"

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