venerdì 10 giugno 2011

Lesson: never assume things before getting well informed

One day this man was going home from job, pissed off on clients that don't pay, suppliers that don't consign, employees that don't perform, state controlls and bad banking, he took the subway to move faster accross the city.

Next stop a man came in, badly dressed, obviously he hadn't had a bath in days, he looked strange, maybe he was a bit drunk or high, and with him 5 kidds under age of 10, running all over the place, yelling, laughing and stumbling over peoples bags, but the man didn't seemed to care much

Our tired man was sitting in front of the dirty careless father of 5, so he said in anger: "Mister, be so kind and mind your kidds, they are so nasty and uneducated!"

The dirty man like woke up said:" Sorry sir, I was thinking at someting else, you know, we come from the Hospital, my wife has cancer, she died 2 hours ago, and I had no courage to tell them yet, I was there all days and nights in the past week, didin't even washed, the kidds were with my syster. Now she is with my wife's doctors to do the papers, and we go home to prepare for funerals, I'll tell them home abut this, they are so happy I don't want everybody to see them cry in the subway"

Our man went home and feelt eased, after all his little work problems were nothing compared to what that family was passing through.

Lesson: never assume things before getting well informed, and never hit back in anger anybody, maybe they didn't hit you, it was just a mistake that can be easily compreheded and dealth with if only you ask for some more info.

Just ask

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