lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

You gave up too early, that's all!

Things you don't like they might still be true! The net is full of bogus info, and full of real info, just go find it and ponder upon.

Than dig, you shall find material in sufficiency, I promise you!


LOL, I forgot how effective are they at keeping you ignorant, disinformed and uninformed, and making you believe the little you know is perfect, is all that is to be known, and that anything that doesent match with the story must be bullshit!

Let's make a deal, I dont want to push down your throat things you are not able to swallow yet.

Number one, follow the hidden path in my bolg to search with the keywords in my text for info on any serach engine you see fit.

go to:
and subscribe or follow or friend me. After all, it's free. P.S. read between the lines too!

Number two, apart thinking with your own brain, use cloud thinking.

Best way I found is to publish things online and get comments and reactions, like here.

An easy way to start is also in my blog, beneath each post there are tweeter and facebook and other buttons, my daily mantra is posting and tweeting 3 each morning, 3 each afternoon and 3 each night (sometimes more than 3), it takes me 5 minutes to do a mantra and brings me cloud thinking imput, pieces of evidence that I assemble in time, and it brings me dozens of real people to ask to connect with me each week, people that after all, being capable of chritical thinking, ask me questions, provide me answers, links, material.

When I run out of posts to publish, I just start from the last one in backwards chronological order.

You can also publish anything else you find online that makes sense and you find it to be true (or funny), it has good effects.

Last but not least, send me in a private message your e-mail addres, I will send you some 200 pages to ponder upon, you might just find it interesting.

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