lunedì 29 marzo 2010

State employees are my employees, they should work right, not pretend to work.

Although I am no muslim or buddist, I will be working on easter like nuts, on my projects.

I just had my leggs cutt of by the state here, we had a contract with them on a project, they are due to pay me last month, and today the money arrived, minus 25% of them.

I called the offices, they have no idea, tomorow they will try to gather some info to enlight me. How can this be?

This jeoperdises my trip to Milan on Friday, my trip to Aero at Friederichschaffen the other Friday, damn beaurocrats, I should shoot them all.

How can one push the cart ahead in this environment?

They are supposed to be my employees, since they get payd out of my taxes, and respect me as a huma being and shareholder of the company called state, not trating me as a scumbag because they have a key position.

Sorry, not your business, but I feel like having to kill someone to chill up.

Just don't warn them, ok?


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  1. It is pretty much the same with State Employees the world over.

    The System is only a set of working guide lines and standards that take into account legal requirements and standing orders from superiors.

    However it is the bottom line worker that has the most responsibility for changing the system of work.

    With out worker input, things will not change, because the system seems to be effective. The Worker can input the more effective ways of work, and work to prove this, with-in the framework or buy passing non-required tiers, thus eliminating system waste.

    To encourage worker participation, rewards should be given (via bonus) that reflect savings incurred. Likewise if a customer makes a suggestion that improves economic efficiency and customer service, then reward that customer.

    Likewise the customer that makes a valid suggestion should not be brushed of with
    "Computer's Do Not Make Mistake's"

    Nor the Excuse.

    “That is the legal requirement.” - All to often based on the wrong statistical analysis and/or entitlement basis and/or wrong materials and structural requirements.

    Thank you for your input and suggestions.