martedì 16 marzo 2010

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

This is old thig, but true. It's written on a motorcycle in a '69 movie "If it's tuesday this must be Belgium"

War is 2 diferent things for the partecipants, there are the soldiers, no matter of rank, somehow collected from homes, by cheating, threating or promising them once over they wil finaly can afford THAT something, and they are dying as flyes, never get back home, or seldom, and serve as a manouver mass.

And there are the professionists, the rank is irelevnt, they are there to kill.

What? Whom? Doesen't matter, they have (most of the time) no formal training for anything, war included, but they don't need it, they are born killers.

Just manage to create a war somewhere, and observe both partyies recruitments, you wil see pooping up in both camps those demons, ready to slaughter the otehr's army soldiers, and if God provides, some "enemy" demon too.

They are top snipers, best pilots, perfect night patroolers, sneack behind enemy lines not because someone sends them, but just for the thrill.

Most of them manage to survivre the wars, and enroll in the next one. Their main creed is wealth, and although they might not negotiate a higher salary, they will kill for the money or gold anybody, their own camarades included.

When they go old, they are rich, refined, and generals, or at least colonles.

Looking into their credentials, they have no schools, al ranks gained by "exceptional merits" of having killed many enemies, and many of their own camarades, just to bring a mission to the desired end.

They are never heroes, on the contrary, they avoid like hell publicity, medals, other things that could bring them a first page.

Theyr anonymate is their best concealing device.

And when old, they are the ones that start wars, hire those like them, and force to death the others.

Their sons become presidents of nations, mostly self elected, or bank owners, "as honest as one can be", or presidents of television chains at the service of the almighty of the day.

Look around, and tell me how many of them can you recognise in your own country?

Too many of them rulling over us nowdays, to my taste.

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  1. Buddy if that happen just SHOOT Straight Up into the sky and hope one of those stray bullets get You on the way down back to Earth!

    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk

  2. Info for STRAITHALK..."If we go up to the sky we must be idiots to return back to earth, what better free and big propulsion to other galaxies can you obtain anywhere else than...from a War Bullett?"