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domenica 28 marzo 2010

Instead of stupid drivers killing themselves and others on the roads, they will end up killing themselves and others in the sky and shower us with the debris.

That was a coment to my vertiports proposal.

And this is my answer:

Let me put it this way.

1 vertiports serve exactly so that people won't fly over inhabitated centers, from the vertiport inside they go by bus, bike or metro, something.

2 one gazilion of cars constrained in a narrow asphalt stripe are in way to collision by definition.

3 the asphalt stripe in the sky does not exist, so they would be no more so tight to eachoter.

4 we can split the four directions on different layers of altitude, so that everybody at same altitude goes the same direction, a highway, sorry, skyway with the lane as narrow as the whole world is.


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