mercoledì 24 marzo 2010

You allow people to make a decent buck? Than you are a real BOSS!

No motivation, no job done.

Or maybe nothing to do (really) due to chrisys, so they hang around waiting for the last minute to go home.

Anyway, if the boss is not good enough to provide work for the employees and motivate them to do it, and pay for, decently, than before sending some nothing doers home, the first to be fired is the boss himself.


1. the boss wants to keep his position, he has a mortgage too.

2. the employess don't want another boss to make them work, this one is OK, no work plus salary sound fine,

3. thus the boss won't really complain of his employees, and tend to hide their work attitude,

4. Workers understand that and tend to protect their boss,

And here the circle closes around, a vicious one.

If instead of being paid by hour, the boss and any given subaltern, they would have to gain thir money by performances, like in a franchising system, you can bet all your savings they would find themselved something productive for the company to do any given day.

If a work consultant advises you differently, fire the consultant first, thei'r of no good.

Than build a reward scheme, and who does the job get's paid, and who not, will fire themselves, you don't even need to bother.

Believe me, I did it, it worked, and made money.

And now I'm doing it again.

Need help?

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