domenica 7 marzo 2010

Another Cesara story, surprises never end when you have a Siberian Tiger in your house!

When Cesara was only 6 months old, she was still a baby, but an ambitious baby.

Her weight was only of some 25 Kilograms, so still manovrable by a strong person, and she looked just as an oversized cat, rather than the small tiger she was!

If you saw the pictures, you could realise the size of Tilu's living room, you can turn a tank in without wrecking any furiniture...

In a corner by the stair way they placed a huge TV, and on the opposite wall the precious coach Tilu's wife loved so much.

One night they were all watching TV, Tilu, his wife, her son and... Cesara, that was rolling back and forth form one to the other to beg for caresses and scratches on her belly. Girls...

Late at night Tilu's wife went upstairs to bed, but the men and the tiger stayed to watch something on the wide screen thing, and naturally Cesara was doing all kind of funny things fooling around and making a sort of MEOW every once in a while.

By midnight, Tilu's wife showed furious on the top of the staris and yelled:

"Can't sleep with all this fuss, tomorrow I gotta go to work, it's Monday, you two, to bed, and Cesara in her cage, NOW!"

Her son started to laugh, and went towards the kitchen to call Cesara out.

But Cesara was stubborn and ambitious, and decided that the night is still young, so why go to sleep?

So she jumped on the coach again, by Tilu, and placed her head on his laps looking up. Sneacky!

Tilu's wife got back to bed, so Tilu raised from the couch, took Cesara under his right arm, like a huge loaf of bread, and started to walk towards the kitchen outdoor where her cage was.

Cesara started to agitate her legs like nuts, why would she had to go to bed? She had no job to go to in the morning!

Her problem was that in the way Tilu was keeping her, all of her leggs were beating hoplesless the air, nothing to grab, nothing to scratch, damn it!

And for the first time in her life Cesara gave a TIGER ROAR. No more meowing.

Tilu ignored her will, and kept going towards out, so Cesara lifted her loong tail like a straight stick, and with the pressure of a soaking gun, pied the wall above the coach from 3 meters of distance, living a stain as big as a pillow and comming down the wall....

Before Tilu realised why the son of his wife changed face expression and was stearing behind his shoulders with a dumb expression, Cesara tensioned all of her muscles and become as tensed as crane rope lifting a car, gave a second ROAR, and cannooned the wall by the coach with about one kilogram of diarhea, PATABUM!

Tilus wife was already on the top of the stairs and saw it. She turned blue and black in face and yelled:

" Sunday we have guests, if that shit is still on the wall by sunday, both of you and the tiger go stay in a motel"

Than she pulled the coach from the wall before it got dirty, and went back to bed so furious that she slamed all doors on her way.

3 years later, when I took the pictures, Tilu asked me " how do you clean out of a wall the piing and the diarhea?"

I stopped and gave it a thought, than I said " I can't recall of any product that can go so profound in the mortar to clean it, for this are sticky tings that go deep in the wall, so if you ask me, you need to tear all the wall's cover to the bricks and throw it away, than you redo all of it from the bricks again, why?"

Than he told me the above story.

"How did it end" I asked.

"Just as you said" he replied. "Monday mornig me and two friends have took down from the bricks all the material, and by Thursday it was all fresh painted again."

"And Cesara?" I dared.

"All the outer forest is hers, that's her natural habitat" he said.

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