sabato 6 marzo 2010

Anybody wants to pet a Siberian Tiger. All you have to do is buy your ticket and come down here. One way ticket might be enough....

Cesara Stories!

When she was young, much younger than today, some 2 years old I think, toying around and byting anything, Cesara found a piece of a one inch diameter pipe planted in the ground.

It was coming out maybe half a meter or less.

"Wierd wood", she thoought, "it wont taste of anything, shiny, let me bite it".

In her attempt to bite it, and to toy with, she pressed the upper jar against the pipe circle so hard that the pipe come through her jar out, next to the left eye.

Like in a freacky scary movie.

Cesara gave a roar that shook the mountiens around Tilus house.

Everybodu got scared, she never reacted this way before, so... all out to se what's wrong!

And there she was with the pipe coming out through her upper jar, blocked in a human manifact, a deadly trap.

Tilu called the Vet, his friend, that arived in minutes, took his gun and BUM..., a dose of sleeping drug turned Cesara into a huge pelusche, of 200 KG, with a pipe planted next to her eye.

Good Vet Doc, Tilu, and Puiu, struggled half an hour to extract her from this trap, than they layed her on a barell, and dumped the barrel in the van.

Tilu called his friend the dentist in the hospital, that had no idea who Cesara was, and explaining in a hurry what happened, forgot to mention that Cesara is not a human!

His friend was on duty in the E.R that Sunday evening and said ok, in ten minutes the O.R. is ready, staff to, just hurry!

15 minutes later they entered the hospital, with a barell covered with a white sheet, blod stained at one end, running all the hallways to the OR. through the waiting crowd!

When they entered the personell was ready, irons too, anesthesists too, all dresses up like in the "Chicago Hope" series, ready for action.

Doc said:" ready to transfer to surgery table", and the crowd sorounded the barell in a professional manner.

Doc said "at my 3" and pulled the white sheet off!

Next second in the room was only Tilu, the Vet. and Cesara sleeping!

It took them 10 more minutes to convince the team to return and perform, and since he knew all of them prsonally (he used to drive the ambulance some years before, for a living), they came in, shacking like nuts.

The surgery was performed like on humans, plastic surgery too, and Cesara returned in her home still sleeping (for the second anesthetic was stronger)

It took her another couple of months to get through this and turn in good health, but it took forever to the medical squad to get through this and stop shacking!

Cesara is fine, but try recalling those moments to the medical team on duty that day....

They still start trembeling a bit! "what if she would off just reacted bad to the anestetic and woke up" they still wander!

Let them do so!

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