sabato 13 marzo 2010

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. -Carl Sagan

Why I didn't had this idea put into words by myself?

Damn it, I always felt like this, but never had the clearness of mind to formulate it.

I always looked at the efects, on long and short term, of the humans on the environment, our streets and buildings, our garbage everywhere, and hard to destroy, even by ourselves, not to mention the mother nature that is far slower and much more vulnerable, our highways and railroads that cut in two ladscape ruining the regular paths of wildlife, our damn hunters that kill all that breaths and is not human, since nobody kills them for this.

And now the space around earth is filthy, and nuts and bolts are rotating out there damaging anything in their way, and turning into toxic gases when burning at the re entering in our atmosphere!

I have a clear idea of us, and know that we are a plague for mother earth, and mother nature. We extinct other species, just because it was fun to shoot them, drilled the earth with tunnels in search of totaly useless things for life sustainment, such as gold, petrol, diamonds, that we value as much so that it seems it depends our lifes on them, and not on food and oxygen or water, that's by the way we systematicly pollute and destroy.

And we wouldn't care less, we don't give a crap on it, although we are not only cancer for earth, but also cancer for our own species, for the future genereations, for our own kids.

Our echonomic system instead of having a solid philosophical base, and value energy, environment, food, water and wildlife, it worhips money, bombs, wasted production, insane constructions, politics.

Enslaving and stealing the neighbours is our main goal, destroing their values, the real ones, such as fertile grounds, beautifull rivers, animals and birds and fishes, this is our best actions.

It is written in our national constitutions, the base treaty that gives the law pattern for all laws issued, that we value more than anything money, and must pay taxes, so if we don't have them, we must do anything in our power to make money, or we get kicked out of our homes, and emarginated by the society, therefore people wouldn't care less of environment and future, when their present is threatened by lack of cash, and destroy any REAL value in exchange of a little appreciation, a pet on the shoulder, and naturally, cash!

Are you nuts?

This is your real values?

War, money, ensalving, pollutin, while talking against all this?

Why talking, why not changing the system?

A system based not on money and taxes, but on realisations pro nature, pro future, pro reintegration with environment.

They want nuclear power, and nuke bombs obviously, Cernobil was nothing compeared to the damage they are permanently doing with the nuke waiste, every day, belive me.

They want cars to run on petrol, while the water engine has more than 80 years now, but it's illegal to build it.

Well, if they and you can't care less about this, than at least I am here to remind all this to you!

And make it hard to swallow!

You don't like it?

Now it's my turn,

I wouldn't care less!

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