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sabato 27 marzo 2010

Mayors and government complain of personal transport chaos

Mayors and government complain of personal transport chaos and power production polluting their world, but do nothing to change this!

Vertical Take Of and Landing would rappresent the option, strong and sturdy machines that can face the costal wind climate (just like here at Venice and Trieste where we have the famous BORA wind that sometimes unroofs the houses for days and days)

Also the small surfaces available indicates VTOL more apropriate. I was considering giving a local law to force all super and hyper markets to cover their parking and the rest of the areas with a double roofed surface, at 10 meters of distance in between the roofs.

So a small ultralight helicopter could land in between the roofs, protected from the above and the walls, so no wind and rain will disturb the manovers, and than to be parked in like any other vehicle.

The upper roof will be by law covered with solar pannels, so all those asphalted zones that now catch sun and bake cars tires for free, will produce power to pay back the costs of this investment, and to ease the polution pressure on the city.

We have the know how, the engineers and the technology to do that.

So take your decisions and start doing it!

I am here to help, any time you need.

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