lunedì 22 marzo 2010

The 10 principles to have success in life!

1 - Live to get some rest

2 - Love your bed, this is your temple.

3 - If you see someone taking a nap, give them a hand.

4 - Get some rest in the daytime so you can sleep deep in the night time.

5 - Work is holly, don't touch it.

6 - Do not let on tomorrow the dues that can be done day after tomorow.

7 - Do as little work as you can, things that must be done, allow others to do them.

8 - Stay calm, untill now nobody has died for doing nothing, therefore take care not to hurt yourself working.

9 - When you feel like a desire to work, sit down and wait, sooner or later it will pass away.

10- Remember that work means health, so leave it for the sick people, they need it.

In the end remember that:

He who works a lot might do many mistakes,

He who works a little will do far less mistakes,

He who does not work, makes no mistakes, and deserves a promotion for making no mistakes.


I am born tired, and live to get some rest!

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  1. I read and re-read I think I am also kinda tired Too!!

    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk