martedì 4 gennaio 2011

If an artificial food product kills "ONLY" 200 - 300 people a year than is safe to the governemnt! Aspartame: Sweet Misery; A Poisoned World

Nutrasweet and other Aspartame producers knew it from the begining, they would poison the world, and did it with US governemnt help and backup!

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and other food producers, including cereals for our kids, knew it, but they put it in with support and backup of Uncle SAM, worldwide to kill us!

US is the largest and most dangerous TERRORIST organisation worldwide, they don't blow bombs (not always) they simply serve us poisoned medicines and food, while forbidding the good ones to be produced by laws.

Bio Natural product are becoming illegal to make room to their poison.
Grow your own vegetables in your front and back yards, instead of growing grass, use only natural honey to sweaten you drinks, and only drink and eat things that are not being processed with chemicals or grown up with.

Avoid at any cost the Genetically Modifyed food.

Turn your balconys into your small little greenhouse to grow your own natural fruits and vegetables.

Don't buy the shiny fruits chelically treated and nuklear poisoned that you find at supermarket. Go buy them at the poor farmer that pisons NOT his fields with chemicals.

One trip a month out of city won't hurt you much.

Unless you want to die of tumors, you'd better take this serious, I did!

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