mercoledì 10 febbraio 2010

Worth is a concept, please define it's worth...

Worth is a human concept, that what for you might be worth all you have, to me might be something I couldn't care less, therefore define your values so you can define what is worth and what it is not!
And it has nothing to do with absolute values like food, health, although we can atribute them a certain worth.....
Beauty is just like worth... a concept, a beautifull woman for your eyes might be seen as absolute crap by a bear... or as food!
Worth to eat... mmmmm.
No offense, in front of a hungry bear you have the same worth! mmmmmm.....

2 commenti:

  1. I am worth NOTHIN,

    but I must add, My worldly world has NO price!

    Thanks Emil Pop

    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk

  2. The concept is a word, a word that expresses a concept, the concept changed over time, evolves. The concepts are memes, memes are cultural, with time only the best memes survive, those who are able to adapt to the concepts and can be expressed in words and media. The words we need to convey our thoughts in the web of our relations, who uses the best words he can create the network more efficient, to achieve the most powerful media and transmit their culture, their memes. Silvano Enzo.