giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

Get fascinated

Fascination is only one step beyond interest; interested people want to know if it works; Fascinated people want to know how it works

I didn't made this title up, but I certainly love it, sounds like ME!!!

I am FASCINATED of anything that means BETTER, IMPROVED, SIMPLIER!

I am also fascinated of having fun, raising my son, and inventing stuff, but that fits in the above category anywhay.

The thing I am fascinated about that does not fit in any of theese categories, is the same that fascinated so much Einstein, and thanks to that fascination he had a glimpse of ethernity when he understood the RELATIVITY of anything, time included!

And that would be; GOD!

Yes, I might sound anachronic, retrograde, dumb, you name it, but I tell you that the things GOD made are unlikely we can copy even closer!

Look at the birds, we understood the Coanda effect, the Venturi laws, the Bernouli formulas and the way Raynolds was pucking numbers, so we build flight machines of infinite complexity, wings of mathematically supershaped computing, with "fly by wire" computerised super systems, and with all of this we aren't even getting closer to the miraculous complexity of a birds wing, with trillions of sensors and command compensating sistems that react without a central computerised "fly by wire" unit, just work fine and that's all!

For this is all we do with our superscience and progress, we merely copy God's creation in a functionall manner when we finally understand a little something of his equations.

And the quality of what we copy is less than poor, although the industries boast perfection.

This is what made Einstein a great human being, this is what made any scientist and invetor what they really are:

AWE of GOD and Fascination that pushes them over the limits to understand HOW things GOD created WORK, and translate them in plain language for the rest of us!

The rest of you are merely interested people, or not even interested, "it works, that's it, thank you, bye!"

Wanna feel the thrill?

Get fascinated!

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