domenica 7 febbraio 2010

Waht makes US a country? asked by Carl Watts today on plaxo, here's what!

Nothing, what makes the Europe a country? Nothing.

That's te odd thing, those in power want a country so they have something to controll, and tax slaves to milk out!

Countries are artificilay maintained borders by the politiciens, so they can controll the population.

Europe was full of "countries" with "national identites" and all the crap (local prisons based on languages, and when triyng to go abroad they would ask you "why?"

Now they canceled the borders and Euroope is a single country, you think anybody cares about the place the old border was? You think anybody gives a crap on the old country national identity and language and stays home?

Nope, they all travel, learn new languages, find jobs aborad the old borders, and all the culture of noatinal concept vanished in a few years. You think they took school for that? Noo need!


Becouse it is not in our nature to be confined in countries! That's why.

So loose the borders, and terorism will dissapear, Loose the borders and put the politics in prison, and all of us will live a nice quiet life with no worries, wandering on earth as God decided it is best for us in the day of our creation! (for the Darvisinsts the day when the first humanoid issued the initial philosofic thought that made us different from the animals, somethng like "fish is friends, not food!")

Countries and borders, nationalities and political parties and appartenences are but mere obstacles for the free develpement of a civilised human society, unpollutant and nature friendly!

Since wars and military industry are responsible of 80% of earth pollution and destruction. And they are the punismnet arm of the politics, bound by thir own regulations to maintin borders and kill whosoever happens to cross them unothorised by themselves!

Therefore countries and borders shouldn't exist.


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