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venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

are you making any money through your social network?

How are you making money through your social networking?

You don't, that's the answer.

As you don't make money out of PR or publicity, unless you sell them to others.

What you do is build a network of people that can trust you (up to a certain level) and that you can trust (same)

Rarely one of them would do some business with you, place an order, or it is you that place an order. This is becouse most people that have common afinities don't have complementary needs or businesses.
But what this people have is FRIENDS.
So if they think you deserve a hand or that their friend might need you, they will pass the word, and give you some leads.
Most lead nowhere, and the max profit you might have is the get some more good networking friends to chat with.
Not for the evilness of your network, but hey, they cannot know exactly what their friend want. They help the way they can.

However sometime those leads lead! To business!
And if both you and your customer are happy with, you will reward your common friend with a slice of the cake, he deserves it. Without his nice thought you wouldn't of made that buk together.

Now how do you build trus to that level, is another thing!

I write in formus on issue that people ask about, for free, take part in debates and always tell the truth, as I see it!

Answer your questions, read your threads and posts, give you hints and leads, hoping that at least once in a while it could be usefull to you.

And sometimes you do the same for me.

Social networks is like a large village, here everybody knows somebody, nobody knows all of them, but with a little collaboration and common sense, the right persons got matched!

Any other question?

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  1. Facebook currently boasts over 600 million active users throughout the world, while Twitter has 190 million users that are growing at a fast rate. Nevertheless, both the social networking websites provide enormous prospects to bring forth targeted sales leads for your online business. Therefore, you have actually a huge number of users to form long-lasting associations with.

    The advantage of such social networking websites is the ready availability of public information on your intended marketplace. First of all, you can assess the profiles of your prospective customers on these sites and penetrate into their background to determine if this is somebody that you wish for working with. If you are not able to look at their profile, then you may verify if they are linked with any groups. This will present you a little bit of information regarding their areas of interest. As soon as you have completed your systematic investigation, you can bring in yourself as a fellow user and start an advantageous relationship in a shared manner. In actual fact, it is that uncomplicated to commence your process of lead generation.

    You must keep in mind that social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are built for individuals to be sociable; hence, it is apposite to start playing equilibrium between being excessively friendly and being excessively business-oriented. In both ways, there is great possibility of putting fellow users off as it would take place in real life circumstances. Make an effort to establish a connection with your prospective customers through the supply of useful content such as advices and methods on your related sector. Incorporate a fan page to your profile on Facebook and fill it with superior quality content to boost your lead generation process. Once you have supplied excellent content, you can embark on adding links to your website and exclusive offerings to them. The more applicable your content is, the more likely your target visitors will get converted into purchasers.

    Facebook has placed a limitation on the total number of friends which is five thousand. Though it seems to be a high quantity, it is comparatively low in terms of marketing. This intends that you must make investment in time in boosting your network of friends and make sure that you are getting connected with the correct people. However, Twitter permits a much higher number of prospects and you can build greater quantities in a briefer timer period. An excessively high volume of followers consumes sufficient management time, so be mindful of this.

    One more major advantage of these websites is that they do not charge you a single penny to open an account, so you can successfully be producing superior quality leads at no financial burden on yourself.

    Abide by these easy to understand guidelines and you can rapidly add Facebook and Twitter to your marketing techniques. In addition, there is no better way for a sales or marketing team than bringing quality sales leads at no cost.