domenica 21 febbraio 2010

Don't limit yourself in any way. Write down your wildest dreams in as much detail as possible and start living the possibilities (Barbara Hoffmeister)

I like that, it might not make sense to you, but to me is... ME!

I have some 40 years I am practicing this without having thought to put it into words.

Barbara is just great this time, so get connected with her on twitter or plaxo or else, it's my tribute!

Imagine I got so good at this some people start thinking I have multiple personality.

Truth is I don't, I just do my very best to try each possibility and get the best out of it for me or my friends.

So one of the things I do is learn anything I can about anything that bugs me at that moment, including words in new (to me ) languages.

I also learn new computer skills, Linux, Sun Solaris, Apple, IBM, etc.

Than I learn how to get the best out of the networking platforms (having a big number of followers that in reality are not following you, but keeping you for the number as you do with them to me is not getting the max!)

Another thing I do is getting REAL friends, people with needs that I can help, who knows, one day I might a favor and when asking around it will be one of them to say:
Remeber you did that for me?
NO! I'd say (who can remember all what they've done in a life?)
Never mind, they will say, I do, and here is your solution, have fun!

Exploring your possibilities and living all of your dreams opened doors is the best thing one can do in life. Besides is funny and captivating.

So why not? Live your dreams, as impossible as they might look!

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