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martedì 16 febbraio 2010

wanna ruin your life online? send cards!

Guys, hanging in all those facebook, Plaxo or other platforms afiliated programs to send hearts, valentines, cards or any other crap to make you look like you'd care about the persons you aim for, it only has 2 effects, both negative:
1 you don't put in your message nothing out of YOUR PERSONAL HEART

2 It is very easy you end up by having and sending a facebook virus script around embeded in those gadgets

final effects:
1 people see you are merely forwarding them a mechanical reproduced convenience, and stop responding, so you lost them.

2 people get virused, start to hate you, and you have to bow down and beg forgiveness, while asking yourself what the heck really happened.


1 write tem something out of your heart!

I love what I wrote, I'll post it on my blog


2 commenti:

  1. Well Pop,

    You maybe right but you maybe wrong. The very fact you send something says you care to some extent.

    Personalized messages says you have more time to write each one individually and that you care to do so.

    I sent a Plaxo card to everyone, unless I miss somehow. I do use the basic same message varied for those I know better. My view is that more communication is good for mankind. I try to practice what I preach.

    Sending out viruses isn't a good idea but unless you are more computer educated than I am, how do you know?

    I don't believe any of us would intentionally send viruses. The people that do that are SICK CRIMINALS, period.

    Have a great day down under and smile a lots!


  2. Yeah I agree 100% about this ecards are all full of it..