sabato 20 febbraio 2010

Money makes the world go round!

What is money to you?

Folowing a debate on facebook I got myself into this issue.

To me money is just another merchandise, that is a value that in itself has no value, but is convertible in other values by the value they rappresent.

Coming to the point, the question I raised is:

When there will be no more fish in the watres, when all beasts will be extinct, when no more trees will exist, and no more vegetables will grow, when polution and human activities would have completed their macabre opera of destruction to make a buck, what would you eat?


this was in Plaxo so I got replies here:

Hi take it a step further.... What was there before time and things were set in motion?
The human race is and will destroy our planet and unless there is a new order and global focus with direction will self destruct... again... with maybe a few survivors. No i do not have the answers but am making sure that my family and generations to come will be self sufficient and off the grid.Maybe if all Countriess took 1 Years Military budget and actually diverted that money to the well being and education of Greedy CEO's our planet and the people we would all start to be better off with a future.

Or maybe would just do lowering the taxes to maximum 10% and VAT at no more than 3% to make things work fine, and with an eye to the environment again.

As long as people pay more than 50% taxes on their work, they are desperate to make money no matter what, thus destroy everything for the buck.

Stupid politics!
Oct 7

Or the question to ask - what is knowledge to you, we have many statements where "Knowledge is power", and what does money provide? Money provides you with power to purchase the necessary (and fun) items of life, how do you generate money - with knowledge.
PS: I do not believe mankind can destroy the Earth, even with a total Nuke release, the Earth will continue, we may not, but the Earth will. She took an Asteroid hit, which altered life on Earth million of years ago, Earth shook it off and moved on.
PSS: For every Greedy CEO story I hear, I can show you a CEO being very very well paid, but also giving back to charity, to the workers of their organzation, etc....You dont bust your tail starting a company, or climbing the Corp ladder not to be very well paid..........

we eat each other

u can note some thing in the life change our sensation, tradetional , beheaviour, and every hand help u can not return with out take , so the life and human equal nothig with out many now even smile can buy with money this the new logicin our life
hana ali

i hope the world will be change and become better to our kids with or with out money

Yeah, if you not self sufficient...

one of my Favorite charities

Pop I agree with you, the taxation issue has gotten out of hand, here in the USA we are having Tea Parties, Angry Tea Parties from all walks of life and ages....(Tea Parties as symbolic protest mirrored from those at the start of our country) people are feed up with giving after Federal, State, County, and some cases Local tax a Tax burden that takes us in many cases the first 7-8 months of the year of work to pay.....I just love how our elected officials are calling new taxes "fees"

let me explain you the taxes a bit;

"O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz!" as said by Jennis Joplin

Where the Lord is me, you, and any other idiot that pays taxes instead of shooting the administration.

And the singer is the state administration, who pretends to "work" something, and in exchange of their (non) product, want us to work harder than necesarely to maintain ourselves, and themselves.

Absurd, they should find a job, a real one, that produces plus value, not minus value.
Oct 7

Information is power and value, knowledge is power and value, food is power and value, human resources is power and value, technology is power and value...

Money is fake power and rapresent a non intrinsec value.

Try eating a US Dollars banknotes salad....
Try asking a bunch of cash a technologicall, or philosophal question...
Or at leat an address...
Try patching you flat tire with a dollar banknote...

Money is nothing if there is not another human being willing to accept them in exchange of his real!

The fact that the states have created an economy based on NOTHING valuable, as the concept of money, brought results; you live with this results.

People are educated to think money have a REAL value, wrong, the state wants you to produce for them more Money becouse they need it to give it back to you so you can work harder to produce more money that they will give back to you, and so on, and so forth.

They are cheating on you, they make you produce REAL value, and move your money from their right pocket to their left pochet through your hand telling you; you won a fortune.

False, you lost a fortune, they stole it from you, cheating you with MONEY!

Pop / Eduard, agreed, money - makes a bad salad, and I am not interested in paying more taxes to allow more people not to get up and work....same problem across the world.

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