giovedì 4 febbraio 2010

Think positive, fool yourself, now yes that'a philosophy for life....

The strive to think positive and delete from the memories the ugly events is what destroys our character and personalities, just as it happened to a friend of mine raped in her youth. Let's cal her B.P.

Mybe becose those memories never really get deleted!

They just get concealed under a thick dust layer, and sooner or later the wind of events will blow this layer above, bringing the horrible moments back into our reality.

The wise approach is NEVER forget them, get used with their existence and use their stinky presence to extract the good teachings we can, to heal ourselves and others, as B.P. is doing now.

Yes, the dust of time will burry them all right, is only that when they will be unburried again, we will no more be vulnerable to them since we already know how to use them for good.

Something like manoor, if you put it in your freezer, later on when defrosed will still bother your life, but if you put it under flowers in the ground, no matter how pucky stinky it is in the beggining, it will bring forth nice big healthy beautifull flowers, and guess what? Even a nice smell!

Let me know if you disagree wit me, anybody else?


2 commenti:

  1. This is why I say Your are a Poet..

    A man of dreams & filled with thoughts..

    yes I agree, How couldn't a man that which is looked upon by society as if I was SHIT!

    They not realizing that I am like that which was put inot the garden within those flowers to fertilize and become what I never was!

    Thank You, Emil Pop

    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk

  2. Absolutely, this is called memory repression and can lead folks to psychosis