domenica 31 gennaio 2010

A "bad time" story!

Once a bad kid that was doing a lot of harm to ohers saw his granpa beating a nail in the front door.

Next day another nail.
And so on, with no appearent reason.

So he asks "granpa' why are you putting all this nails in the door?"
"Anytime you hurt someone with your words or acts, I register the event" the old dude said.
By that time there was almost no room left in the door pannel.

The boy decided to become good, so no more nails came in the door, than asked "Granpa' whenare you going to remove the neils, now that I will behave?"

"Behaving adds no more nails, but to remove them you need to repair what you did wrong" grandpa said!

So the kid started to go around and fix his lifetime wrondoings with the others.
And anyday some nails dissapeard.

And one day he proudly showed his grandpa the door without nails saying "Grandpa, I did it, I am a good man and fixed them all"

"Yap, but look how many holes are in the door" the old man said. "No matter how you fis the wounds, the scarefaces remain, the real secret is not to harm the people, so no wounds will have to be healed, and no scarfaces left to testify of your past acts!"

3 commenti:

  1. very nice article loved the fact of consideration & humanity that's involved !!!

    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk

  2. How many holes are in your door pannel Norm?

    Unfortunetly mine is full, although I strive to behave, but I am not that good as I would like to be!

  3. My door panel has long time fallen off the hinges! My Friend, Emil Pop?

    Heck at least You are tryin to behave,

    I still lookin for the Fool who put so many hole in my door, so he can put it back up!

    I first must catch him, before I contemplate in trying again!

    ps. Search for,

    wouldnt care less
    wouldn't care less

    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk