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mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Community : Why JOIN is the most important word on the web

It will flow lots of wahter on the Thames before the Join game will end up, take my word for it.

It was here when I was born, (more than 40 years ago) in various forms, I watched it growing online in the past 30 years (Yap, before internet was a big thing), I testified it's boom in the past 10 years, passing to cell phones, and who knows, soon, on live televisions online!

Universities want students to JOIN their courses (actually marketing to attract new clients)

Army, Navy and police forces want people to JOIN them (actually recruiting newbies to train them to (not) use their brain, and execute whatever they tell them)!

Terorist force ignorant dudes to JOIN them and get trained to do the Kamikaze thing (not different from the police/army/navy politics, but with a tighter budget and more press exposure... And many times the budget and training comes from the police/army/navy/intelligence, just becouse they need an enemy to show to the public, so they create it)

Any other penniless guy that gets a page on some network invites you to join them regardless of your sphere of interes (I decline bunches that want me to join them just to be able to show numbers)

Many spammers start by inviting you to join their network, so they can grab your e-mail and spam you to death.

Yap, the Join game is getting less and less appealing, and before it dies of win-win situation, it might just melt down and vanish becouse peole had enough.

What's the new game?

Let's wait and see....

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