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domenica 24 gennaio 2010

I am ready to make the world tremble at my finger snap, are you ready to join such a quest? And imagine they will be glad to tremble!

Do you know what the optimists say in front of a cup half filled with watter?

They say it's half full

What a pesimistic guys say instead?

They say is half empty
... tell me who is right of the two?

They are both right, it's just a matter of perspective

... all preacher (and motivators) will stress you about this (remeber I am a theologist too, did my university in Christian theology) and point you should be positive and see the half full of the cup
... Nobody will tell you the truth, that there is a third category, just as God would like all to be, but unfortunatelly they are less and less in this world
... The realistic persons, very few realy.

... You know what they say about this half cup of water?
They say... Nothing!

... They just drink it, thank God for it, and get back to work

... That's me
... Are you positive, or realistic?

I hate positive guys, optimistics without a base, they sell illusions and buy illusions, and end up in bitter days together with those they deceived while deceived themselves too.

I also hate pessimistic guys, they distroy faith and even things that could work.

I love being realistic, do things, acomplish tasks, find solutions, cooperate, not iluding the others, not demoralising the others

I am not an optimistic, I am not a pesimistic, but simply simply I "am"!

People get raised in the wrong ways and end up with demerol, alcohol or drugs to cope with their own "success"

There are many reasons to work hard, but not all of them are right, they might bring some financiall sucess, while ruining all the rest of your life

So what is reason to work hard?

Well, you could say; but i have notice that the enviroment also influences

I'd say; not on the realistics

They are only influenced by God

Most say; you want to leave a positive legacy!

Could be a reason, a bit infantile thou, I say.

You might say; because some have to work so hard and other just sit and get what they want!
Aparently you are right about some people, but how can you tell haw much they worked previously to prepare their success?

I was working hard for the past 25 years at my inventions and sacrified a lot, and presumibly one day I will succed, and than I will just sit back and count cash.

... People will say" lucky him, he does nothing and gets rich"
... Poor idiots, optimistics and pesimistics idiots!

... in your opinion what is more important to have
... a factory or a market?

A market...that's the answer!
... my inventions are nothing without a market, and this is I am striving to do, bring them in a marketable position, because the goods have to satisfy a need and that need is found in the soceity

1. All needs are already satisfied

2. No way you can beat the competiton

maybe, but what if...

The only way is to create another need, grow it to become painfull, than present your unique solution before others do so;
Becouse you had the solution before you invented the need for it!

That's what I am working too
Give me the funds to create this need to such a point that anybody will beg for my solution, and I make you rich!
... For I already have the solutions in my drower...

That means to create future, and hold it in the palm of your hand!

I feel like a Wizzard that has power up to unlimited, all I need is the last ingredient:

Than dig as you never dug before, get me cash to hit the markets, and when ready I will put my solution in front of a begging world!

And make all of us damn rich while the world will thank us on thier knees for our godness of hearth!

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