sabato 16 gennaio 2010

All countrys in the world need to cut down taxes to a maximum of 10% and VAT to a max of 3% to relaunch economy. And keep them that way!

For ever!

Governments have become too greedy,

things are going out of theyr hand,

people in order to be able to feed their family have to "Steal" their own hardworked money form the taxman merciless hands, the state emploees number has increased over imaginable in any given country, most of them involved in colectiong taxes and chasing those that don't pay all that state wants, so basically most of the state emploees are hired to colect their own salaries out of the pockets of those stupid enough to work.


It's time for a change of route, lower the taxes, and send to work the lazy tax colectors, so they produce something usefull for the society they are now parasiting.

This way less taxes wil be needed, more taxable activities will be born, more REAL jobs, not parasitary jobs, will start to exist. less money need on the state part, so less tax pressure on the people.

Downsizing of the government and administrations is a must, the statal degrowing is necesary both in defence, tax collection, and local administration, otherwise we end up back into the stone era again, where the one with power beats the weack one an puts him to slavery.

Actually we are in that stone era, where the state enforcers reduced the other of us in tax controlled slavery, and milk our poor resources letting us to die so they can enjoy life on our expenses.

Ladies and gentlemen, this cannot last too long, since the working organism is parasitated by an simbiotic taxing organism it worked till now, but now the parasites not only are no more simbiotic (they do not deliever anymore anything usefull in exchange of the blood they suck out of us) but their number it become way to big so we can feed them all, than is either we die bloodless, and they follow, since uncapable to survivre on their own, or we get rid of them to get back to life, and this it seems to me the most reasonable option.

Consider this!

And act!

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