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martedì 12 gennaio 2010

Impossible does not exist

Impossible does not exist in most of the cases, but we love to imagine there is, so we don't have to work to go beyond, it's just impossible, ain't it?

Ladies and gentleman, if you don't like people to comment on your posts, than you better don't post it.

Anytime you post something somebody might correct you, might be against you, or it might simply hate you becouse you botherd their peace, or simply becouse you have a different color skin.

People are wierd, that also means you are wierd, not to speack about me.

The fact that we know our limitations is preventing us from doing things beyond our capacityes!

Examine your limitations, some of them are merely imaginary or culturally implemented in you since ever, but in reality, the only barier that stops you step beyond and acheive something is in your mind.


Once a young sales person aprentice got a job with a company.

The other salesforce dudes knew their boss was in big hate with a certain guy from another sector, and so that guy had a policy that his company would never buy a thing from our new salesman's boss company.

So to test the newcomer, his coleagues put on his potential client list also the "Enemy number one" guy.

Our freshman started working, and one day knocked the doors of the ENEMY, having no idea of all that story.

He was invited in, and the owner asked him what company he was working for.

At the answer, the man asked what did he knew about his new job provider, so the youngster honestly answered "nothing yet"

"OK" said the client with patience, 'tell me about the products than".

Our young man was convincent, did a brilliant job, and the client ordered a large quantity and cut a CHEC right away.

Back at the headquarters he presented the order and his boss said " I can't believe it, this is impossible, how did you do that?"

Our man said "I had no idea it was impossible, so I did it!"

And for as long as the young man worked in that company the orders never stopped coming from the enemy.

IMPOSSIBLE AIN'T, in most of the situations, you only have to find the right way to do it, that's all!

4 commenti:

  1. yep it's all in Our freaking minds... think happy be happy!

    Norman Flecha


  2. you`ve all in reason!! the only barier of we have its our imagination, for this reason i have a lot of imagnation lol :P ,but some times our ideas are taking like crazy from other people and they looks us like we are some kind of psychopath crazy but of course of that dont care because we know what about are talking and another barier of i think that exist is the ingnorance, dont you?

  3. I don't see ignorance as a barier, it would be too simple, I see it as a desert with no roads or oasis, a place of death, and there is no way one can grow flowers or trees in there.
    Ignorance is the death of progress, of common sense, of reasonable socal coehesion.
    Ignorance is politics, and politics stinks.

  4. That's so true!
    I love the anecdote.