giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Temperatures influences on the globe!

+18°Celsius ~ Hawai dwellers cover with a second blanket
+10°Celsius ~ Helsinki dwellers turn off their appartments heating
+ 2°Celsius ~ Italian cars won't start in the morning

0°Celsius ~ distilated water turns into ice, freezing poin!
-1°Celsius ~ expiration turns visible. Russians eat icecreams and drink cold beers.

- 4°Celsius ~ the dog jumps into your bed
-10°Celsius ~ French cars won't start in the mornings
-12°Celsius ~ Politiciens start talking about homless people

-15°Celsius ~ American cars won't start in the morning
-20°Celsius ~ you can hear your breathing
-24°Celsius ~ Japaneese cars won't start in the morning

-28°Celsius ~ dog sneacks into your pijama
-29°Celsius ~ German cars won't start in the mornig
-30°Celsius ~ no normal car starts anylonger
-36°Celsius ~ russian cars won't start in the morning

-39°Celsius ~ Russians button up their shirt to the neck
-50°Celsius ~ your car jumps in your bed
-60°Celsius ~ Helsinki dwellers are freezing to death
In Moscow people start puting overcoats and button them up.

-70°Celsius ~ Hell freezes. The Kuznyetzk University organises the winter cross.
-72°Celsius ~ Lawyers stick their hands in their own pockets.

-120°Celsius ~ Alcoohol freezing point. Russians are so upset!
-273,15°Celsius ~ Absolute Zero temperature, Elementary particles movements stops. Russians leack iced vodka.

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