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giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

I wouldn't care less of the competition's HR

Pass the vision!

This is the secret of a real manager.

I can tell, I manage various teams.

If the employee gets the vision, will work for fun, ask when in doubt, propose when has a new idea, never fear to chalange himself, the others, the system, the boss.

Only dumb stupids (including in management) hire through agencies.

Agencies normally will scrap the best options first, and present you the best make believers that they could find.

This is the trick to get hired through an agency, make them believe you're good, with credentials (many friends can write many credentials) diplomas, other papers.

I would never hire such a person, perfectly backed up idiots.

When I hire someone first thing I care is not about credentials, but about "the famous german question: Kann Er Was?" What can he do?
Does he has a history of humble origins and never got to ride the wave? Who cares!

What I care about is wether the candidate catches my vision!

I have being recently asked to manage a County Comissioner Candidate Campaign, I took over the job, it takes me 2 hours a day, since I passed the vision to a team I gathered myself.

The internet guy for instance, ex convict for who cares what, out of jail, social debt paid, nobody hires him for serious things, I did: Why?

He paid his debt, learned his lesson, and now tries to keep up with the society, pays taxes, has family, and he knows HTML, SEO, expert in tweeter and other social networks, blogs, microblogs, and the rest.

He got the vison clearly, and now my candidate's dream is his dream too. And he dreams extremely coehernet and organised. And puts it online to the advantage of the campaign.
I had him tell the candidate the truth, and explained the candidate my reasons to hire him rather than some big shot with credentials that works for the buck alone.

The candidate had a chat with him, agreed with me, and he's on board!

Pass the vision, make shure you hire the dude that got it right and is up and running towards the goal before you promised him the job, keep an eye on him not to overdue or go astray from the core business (unless the dude has a genial idea is worth investing time and money in it) and you are the manager of the year!

Every year!

The other managers suck! And they know it, and complain, and still hire the wrong way!

Let them do so. who cares about them?

I wouldn't care less!

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