mercoledì 4 gennaio 2017

Looking in the right prospective

When a debate is on pointing at any whistle-blower that risked their bread or life to let us know that our government is a liar crook cooking us up, and some dude tries hard to force you believe the government is always right, I tend to strongly disagree with said troll.

The point is that they have no evidence to support the above allegations, I mean evidence not allegations to support allegations.

But the use of allegations to support allegations as being evidence is a long known KGB, Gestapo, CIA, MI6, Mossad, Stasi, and other criminal organizations way to point the public eyes elsewhere than on where they should be looking at.
I mean we should be examining brick by brick anything the government is saying and overthrow any government that we find to lie, no matter how small the lie or how big the government.

Therefore when I see posts like this the first thing I am looking at is not what is or who is Assange, Manning, Snowden but what is the troll paid by the government trying to hide from me by shouting "thief", when I do know the biggest liar ant thief in any country is the government itself to it's smaller component, regardless whether a Fascist, Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, Democrat, liberal, or religious one.

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