mercoledì 4 gennaio 2017

To be normal today you must be nuts, otherwise you are abnormal.

All over the on-line space today all we see is about refugees. 

None of our business why they are refugees, on the contrary, ask that question and you are trolled to death.

What you are supposed to do is to be highly sensitive to their crisis, needs, to be "empathic", to feel their drama (dare not ask who provoked it in the first place) show solidarity,  adopt them as they are, in one chunk, no selection, right now, unconditioned, urgent, without controls.

Dare you having some other opinion, not necessarily against them, but a slight reserve onto the whole trend, all of a sudden you are a hater, xenophobe, hearth-less, soul less, no conscience, racist, chauvinist, masochist, and the list can go on.

On FB and other blogs, highly paid "intellectuals" are crucifying themselves to convince you to think like them (while they don't think, they follow orders) to re asses your believes to match their convictions, to pull us out of our primitive way of thinking that what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, so they start explaining us from the Big Bang on to today's days how is the past and how should we act in the present day.

Is like we are supposed to take some Karma punishment over what a few thousand years ago some ancestors of ours did while the crusades, thus today we have to lower our pants to take our punishment, that to be realistic never took place against none of nowadays nations or governments like Syria or Iraq or Pakistan or India, at the time nor our nations neither their's were formed.

 Oh yes, those government paid trolls are trying to teach us from the height of their plagiarized diplomas that this is how things are supposed to work.

You know what, we are lucky enough the American Natives from both continents, the Africans, the Polynesians  and the Japanese and Chinese did not decided yet to get even with us for the "visit" somebody down our history-line paid them in the past centuries, not to mention how much the Europeans have to pay back to the eastern invasions in the past millennia, could you imagine the slaughter?

Or maybe this is exactly what they want us to do, commence the slaughter for their joy.  

In such case migration to Mars should start on a private means basis or no human on earth will remain alive in a decade, although I think it already started, we just were not informed yet, thou.

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