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venerdì 30 dicembre 2016

My New Year Resolutin

Yap, it is in fashion to have one, so here is mine:

As of the beginning of the new year I have decided to change nothing, do nothing different, loose no weight, gain no muscles, be no richer, get no smarter, learn nothing, teach other nothing.

Seems weird?

You are weird, weirdo...

Since when anybody kept any New Year resolution?

Since when at the next turn of the year they look back and say: "I did it, now let's set some other goal and accomplish it!"

Look back to your years.... nada, nothing, nix, niente, nulla, rien, nimic, keine, nincsem, oxi, and whatever other languages you might remember.

Yes you did stuff, and accomplished things, saw people and met places, or vice-versa, but nothing that was in that resolution unless you managed to keep it ambiguous enough to cover all possibilities, since you have no idea what is it that the life will throw at you.

So be realistic, keep flexible, skim what you can skim, face what you can face, fight if you can't run, ignore if you can, or learn to manage it if you can't ignore it.

Next year you might still be alive, unlike the dude that wanted to have a resolution and died trying to accomplish it, therefore accomplishment zero, and lost their lives for that, smarten up and keep rolling, something will happen, something bad, something good, heck I know, I am no GOD.

Copyright Emil Pop, 2016, I guess is the last for this year, see ya.

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