lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Nearing the truth...


Nothing exists if there is nobody to perceive the said existence... most humans think.

In 1869 humans discovered the DNA, but did not discovered who created the DNA and the humans, that one discovered it long time before, and nobody said the people of Noah did the delicate part of the job saving the species, they just did the Ark, if ever it was them, maybe they were just cheap labourers.

You see, the fact that we, humans, did not know or are not aware of something, that does not mean that something does not exist, nor it means somebody else that knows about it and how to handle it does not exist.  DNA existed before we discovered it, it did not enter into the existence just because we acknowledged it.

Otherwise how do you justify our creation "ex nihil", not to mention the creation of every other known life form, not to bring in the discussion the creation of the entire universe or multiverse...  Somebody was there, at work, and had the know how.

To make it simple, Big Bang ain't, there is intelligent handling of things to create them and put them on an evolving pattern, than rectify the evolution when the desired result is not achieved.

Not that I know what that outcome might be, but since we do this for millennium with breeding dog races and sheep and others, what makes you think we are not merely following a pattern that was well studied by whom created everything, we are just some sort of beginners at using it, that's all.

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