lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Why go in search of the truth when you can create it tailored to your needs?

It is called Perception Manipulation.

And is done by a few ultra expert companies against millions, they do not go in search of the truth, they make it up and shovel it down to everybody's throat through the mainstream media.

You will never know they exist, who they are and how much are they paid to create "truth" according to the buyers needs of your perception, like the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq or the Terrorism in Syria. Just to mention two, OK, three, let's ad 9/11 and the missing building 7.

 We as humans feel the need to be lazy and take thngs for granted, so trust your government, they know what is best for you.

Fascists boasted all they do is for the best of their people, and the people trusteed them, same was the communist propaganda, nothing different form the Democracy propaganda, or any other religion.

And all propaganda was always based on make believe stories that had little or zero to do with the reality, but had anything to do with how they wanted you to percieve the reality proposed by them.

It is called indoctrination, thus their proposal is rather a Dogma, or the party line of thinking, same thing.

The means used are utter lies, well coordinated thou, little massacre here, some bombing there, a lot of cinema and television support, big media coverage in support of the line approved, blaming anybody else of; obstructionism, crimes never committed, inexistent intention of crimes, and so on, in order to create a mass hysteria, leading to blind support of their line of action.

Rings any bell?

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