lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Never anywhere in the Bible did Jesus asked us to be stupid


Never anywhere in the Bible did Jesus asked us to be stupid, he asked us to be humble, meek, kind, to share, to care, to turn the other chick, but not to be stupid and uneducated.

And this is why I cannot share into the sadness and madness and despair of either the Trump supporters or the Anti Trump protesters, I cannot be that stupid, it is not biblical.

If done without hysteria, it is wise to be anti any government that is wrong by definition, and as of today only Iceland has one that is decent.

Keep reading my blog, and yes, start writing yours too, but make good choice of words and concepts... it is so easy to put in wrong wordings the right concepts, you have no idea. 

For paying attention while reading is one thing, paying attention while awakening the sheeple, that is something far beyond...

 It is a mistake to be totally ruled by emotions over transitory matters, such as who is the next president... what political party wins, what team wins the next derby.

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