mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Microsoft bought Linkedin, now how about that?

It has being a few weeks now that this is a news passed in silence, thus not a news since not relevant to nobody but the involved parties.  That would be Linkedin and Microsoft, but also the Linkedin members, I mean the active members, paying or free as they might happen to be.

Am I pro or against?  Who cares, they are going to do it regardless, if they are going to do it, and the same, if they are not it will always disregard what I want.
For I am but a user, just like you, and yes, it was because of us and the confidence we gave to Linkedin that they grew that big, and yes it was due to us that Microsoft wants to buy it, what they are buying it is in the end US, our business, our numbers, our sensitive data, our correspondence, our habits, simply us.

And where is that leaving us?  Heck do I know, in the mist as always.
Why would I say so?  Experience maybe, not positive one naturally, otherwise I would be shouting of joy from the top of the mountiens and the roof of the houses, the problem is at my age I am no longer a highlander and climber, not to mention I do not do any Parkour, I leave that to my son.

Of course experience is not coming out of the blue, but from bitter past events, as they say, the wisdom comes with experience and experience comes from having done a lot of unwise choices, or even simply stupid ones in the past, and yes, I do have a past.

One of my past experiences in the social media is called Plaxo, when it came up they were zero, but with a good and organized platform, one could form or join groups, start or participate in debates, blog, connect, brag, read, form opinion streams or join some, so I created 2 groups, joined others, people started talking to me, even got some business ideas lined up, than Plaxo was acquired and suddenly in 3 months my groups were erased, along with all other groups, and Plaxo was reduced to a mere agenda online where you could keep a diary and a rolodex, and died.  They  have tried to monetize it the wrong way, harvesting what they have not sawn, bad investment for the buyer, good sale for the Plaxo team.

I joined than Ecademy, that although with a different policy and graphic interface, kept the free exchange of ideas and groups policy, encouraged direct contact online and at the local bar holding chapters worldwide and local events where you could have a coffee and shake a hand of those met only via network, awesome idea, were purchased, platform died, the former owners moved ahead, now this Ecademy does not exist anylonger, it has even changed name.

Meanwhile I already joined Linkedin when it was still a small project, and Facebook, and Viadeo, and Xing, and Meetropol, and Yasni, my Plaxo and Ecademy lesson taught me not to keep all eggs in a basket.

Than Microsoft bought Facebook and Skype, integrated them, Skype went awry, started to work bad on android, Linux, and Windows, I gave it up and shifted to Oovo, than disapointed tried Wazzup, and again disappointed jumped on Viber, well, for now Viber still does the job, will see.

But Facebook became Fakebook, comments vanish, posts vanish, not mine, but from friends or their friends, I do not post much, sometimes I re post if interesting, comment, interact, but I can feel something went wrong.

Microsoft learned thou something from others experiences in purchasing existing platforms to  monetize, their changes are less obvious, less aggressive, boasted as progress although they are but a mere censorship, so Fakebook still exists, expands, but it is no longer what it was.

And now Linkedin, so based on my experience things will change, and not in good, there will be censorship masked as progress, since the new owners are the same as Fakebook, and therefore I am focusing on my other platforms to keep up a lifetime of contacts, since I expect Linkeind to stop being Linkedin, I hope I am wrong, but I am not that naive to take no action, and this is what I recommend everybody here, move around your contacts elsewhere and keep more than one string alive, never hang on one rope alone, it's a bit risky.

Have a nice one.


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