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venerdì 10 luglio 2015

We do not exist, unless someone percieves our existance

 Just read this article here:
and this guy replied in an amazing way, love the dude, here is the post he placed
The Dr. Quantum video is a good one for introducing the ideas of wave/particle duality, probability waves and consciousness interacting with physical reality. It was incomplete in one thing. There was a variation of this experiment performed in which the detector of which slot the electron passed through was left functional, but the results were not recorded or available to the conscious observer. The results obtained were those of a wave interference pattern. This indicates that it was not the the result of the detector being in the experiment that altered the results. Rather it is the inclusion of a conscious observer “aware” of the detector’s results that makes the difference. It is consciousness that collapses the probability wave function and causes the electron to act as a physical “particle”.

Side note: In school we were taught about atoms. They have a +charged nucleus and -charged electrons orbited around it. Actually, there are not little electrons in orbit whizzing around the nucleus. They exist as a probability waveform (PW) electron “cloud”. Within this they exist in all possible locations within the cloud with varying degrees of probability. They only act as an electron “particle” when they have to act as a particle for some reaction. When this occurs, the PW collapses and the particle is actualized.

One of the headings above asks, “What does this mean for US as individuals?” The short version is this. Our futures exist as a probability wave function (PWF). There are a lot of things that could occur, each with varying degrees of probability. With the moment by moment changes of our present physical “reality”, our consciousness collapses our PWF and we experience the present moment. Our consciousness also influences the changing probabilities of our possible futures. Our emotions, desires, hopes, choices and actions increase the probability of some possibilities and decrease others. In this way our consciousness creates the reality we experience. Wave/particle duality also exists on a macro level in our physical world.
Done reading, good, now read this:
The above is not the fruit of my creation, but I still feel like it expresses my thoughts the way I could not.

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